Where our MVP's came from.

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    If you guys want to dig up the documents for historical provenance please do.

    Here's the back story.

    Raptor Arms in Shelton, CT. made an attractive unique and affordable synthetic stocked all stainless bolt action center fire big game rifle in the 30-06 .270 class. They shot well.
    Gun tests and a few other magazines did articles on it in 1999. The suggested retail price ? $249 .
    https://www.thefreelibrary.com/RAPTOR: THE AMAZING $249 HUNTING RIFLE.-a055605819

    Charter Arms acquired it lock stock and barrel made some minor changes and started selling it in 2001 as the Field King 2000

    Look familiar ?


    Around 2004 Mossberg bought it from Charter made a few more changes and sold it as the ATR and 4x4.
    Later they scaled it down around the .223/5.56 added the drop push to the bottom of the bolt added the mag well and the MVP was born.

    A few more changes to the ATR and 4x4 and today its the Patriot line.

    So when you see that rifle at the pawn shop or gun show that looks like an MVP but it's not one exactly, now you know why.
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    Very interesting stuff and good write up. Thanks for the information.

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