Video - Competing with the Dodger Dog Gun. 5th place.

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    Took 5th place prone, 6th overall in a field of 21 extremely highly skilled shooters.

    Shooting uncoated 115gn DTAC's at 3180fps. Scope is a CaPRC spec US Optics SN3 3.8-22x58mm. Rifle is Savage 10FPSR with Black Hole Weapons 26" 1:8 twist. JP Tactical brake. MDT chassis. XLR butt stock. MOE grip. Seekins low rings. EGW base. BipodExt bipod extender. Accu-Tac bipod.

    Load is 45.5gn RL-23 in fireformed Hornady brass lit with a WLRP, seating .080 off the lands.

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