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Discussion in 'Modifications' started by kenpoist7, Sep 24, 2017.

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    I just purchased an MVP Scout and the firearm is good out of the box. However, almost all of my firearms are black so I decided to paint the stock (rustoleum, camo colors for plastics). Not thinking this through I taped up the areas not to be painted and wiped the stock down with acetone. Well the paint didn't stick well so I'm going to have to soda blast and start over. I've found that you can use DupiColor Adhesion Promoter and that will fix the problem (this is to be seen if it will work).

    It will cost my $94 bucks for the soda blasting unit (Harbor Freight) and additional time.

    I was wondering, will an MVP-LR adjustable comb stock fit on the MVP Scout and if so, where can I purchase said stock?

    Thanks for your time.
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    As long as the stock is from the same caliber class (.308 vs. .223) then you should be fine. Watch your barrel channel fit but I can't see why it wouldn't clear. they all have basically medium weight heavy barrels. Sand, prime, paint, seal. If your stock is plastic then you may want to find a paint made for plastics.

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